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My name is Bond… James… Or rather Romain Clamaron.

Creator of this blog, I made the choice to orient myself towards a professional course outside the rails of my generation and my environment. At the heart of my activities are facilitation and teaching, in which I express my taste for transmission, wisdom (which I like to call common sense) and freedom, as well as the quest for Happiness.

I have been practicing Yoga, breathing and meditation with discipline for 4 years, and it has transformed and propelled my life.


In this blog, I share a lot about the masculine style, because I like to play the peacock and wear beautiful feathers. It is also to observe every day in the street men all beautiful but awkward in their style (women naturally have more sense than us !) that gives me the impetus. I think we should learn to find OUR style in the process of becoming a man, as a unique expression of our tastes and our presence in society.


I’m a fan of elegance and of the wedding quality/ethics, I have been trained “by the hard way”, spending all my lost hours on blogs and other media dealing with timeless style and gradually going to a corresponding dressing room (I do not recommend to do the same, take a coach, time is precious). I was able to assimilate the strengths of the style (styles) and forge my own taste.


Being also passionate about the wisdom of millennial India and spirituality in the broadest sense since adolescence, I began to transmit my love of philosophy around conferences that I have been facilitating since the return of my first long trip to India, in 2013.

I am a teacher of Yoga, breathing, meditation and wellness at the Art of Living International Foundation for humanitarian purposes (the second largest in the world after the Red Cross in number of volunteers, recognized internationally and having Consultative status with the United Nations, it has already affected the lives of nearly 400 million people in more than 160 countries.

During the past two years, I also facilitated many personal development meetings called “Ose ta Vie” for young people between the ages of 18 and 30, who now remain independent of this structure.


I offer coaching sessions in relooking, by supporting my experience as a teacher in the context of personal development and my knowledge in the stylistic field.

If you want to get involved, I offer workshops and conferences adapted to all types of socio-professional backgrounds, please use the contact form.