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Restyling is simply (re) learning to master its appearance.

This is a major key to success.

On the program: Knowledge, confidence, natural, ease.

Dressing is a daily act (365 days a year !) And an image of ourselves offered to the world. Despite the prejudices, the “look” is an important aspect in our life (while not falling into obsession).

Having a “clothing” knowledge base is a stepping stone.

I offer personalized restyling sessions for men, at affordable prices.


What you will get with this restyling :

  • To come back to your nature and be just fine in your skin and your clothes
  • To stop losing astronomical sums in the ready to wear “disposable”
  • To bring out the best of your present cloakroom, complete it, acknowledge and eventual reorientation (we take a time so that I can see your locker before the proper restyling session)
  • To learn how to master the basics of a good “look” and then fly with your own wings
  • To have a clear vision of your style and what you like to wear / what suits you the best, according to your tastes, your morphology, your environment
  • If you are already comfortable, to go even further
  • To no longer give yourself a headache to dress up every morning
  • To increase your capital “visual magnetism”

My approach started with a general observation:

Men often have shortcomings to dress, they simply lack education about it. We have not been taught how the apparel industry works and which brands offer quality. We were not taught at school how to find our style, our tastes and to assume ourselves in the world, nor how to embody our full potential.


I propose two types of sessions:

For those who can afford to invest in a new wardrobe and want the best value by going directly to a physical store.
For those who have limited means and who are willing to look at the world of second hand (which abounds in excellent high quality good deals) / complement in shop / online shop.

My ethics:

I am aligned with my own teachings. I usually do not buy clothes that are the result of human or animal suffering or environmental degradation. There are many brands that have values and I am moving towards them. My approach is oriented towards opened and enlightened advice, coaching in my sense is an ability to simply awaken talents in the other. I do not make hasty judgments and I welcome everyone as he is with his tastes and his colors. I like to share my point of view without procrastinating, and I ensure that each session is a mine of assimilated knowledge and tangible results. There is a before and an after.


Now concretely :

A restyling aid will be based on a minimum of two sessions in a row, lasting at least 3 hours. As each man is unique, the sessions are tailor-made, on a case-by-case basis, after a first exchange.

I am available in Lyon but interventions in other cities are possible.

For any additional information and if you are interested you can contact me directly by mail: