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Test of the Wills Vegan shoes brand

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Wills Vegan The Wills Vegan brand is one of the most important player in the sale of footwear free of animal suffering. It offers one of the largest range of styles of shoes for both men and women. The ‘value … Read More

A list of ethical brands and quality clothing

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  If you are an Anglophone reader you can also have a look at these blogs which have amazingly covered this topic as well :   You may find very interesting deals with these brands, they ship internationally : … Read More

A list of the Vegan shoes brands

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What is Vegan Leather?   YES, leather is not the only quality material for shoes. NO, PVC is not the component of vegan shoes, it is the microfibre Mycro © also generally called vegan leather. Its softness, its mechanical characteristics, … Read More